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cogan airport 35

Cogan Airport

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Unicorn Carousel

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Air Baby

cogan rocket

The Rocket

cogan tuned car

 Tuned Car

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*Sole European Manufacturer and Distributor of Hello Kitty, Tom & Jerry, Road Runner, The Smurfs and Wile E. Coyote rides shown

 What our customers say about Cogan Coin Operated Kiddie Rides:

“Our Bigfoot has been an exceptional income producer from the first day of operation. The vibrant colors and eye-catching motion lend to the impression that this is a well made and durable piece of equipment. Literally every child that enters our facility wants at least one ride on the Bigfoot.”

Eric McCoy

Greenville SC  





"We have had one of the Cogan Kiddie Rides, a pony, for 2-3 years now and have never had problems with it. It just keeps running, even when "the big kids" get on it. Another factor that is great about this ride; it has kept it's bright color and looks good- not beat up and old looking, like some kiddie rides, after only af few years of normal wear and tear. I would recommend Cogan Kiddie Rides." Donna Meunier, King Pin Games."


Donna Meunier

King Pin Games Inc



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