List your used ride, equipment, generators, trailers or games with IRG. We diligently market your product on our website, at meetings and conventions, with direct mail and at sales presentations worldwide.

To list your equipment, complete the following information and email the information to:

1. A non-exclusive listing agreement outlining terms, obligations of both parties and payment arrangements.

2. Completed data sheet on each piece of equipment being sold.

3. Photographs  of the equipment, preferably digital and current. Photographs and/or video are the single best selling tool for used equipment.


Or mail information to:
IRG - Intermark Ride Group
1613 Otter Creek Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37215

Thank you for using Intermark Ride Group to market and sell your used equipment.



             Reverchon Flume                Zamperla Mini Mouse Coaster

     Sold to Butler Amusements            Sold to Calaway Park