Doron SR-2 Simulator



Manufacturer Doron
Year 1992
Model SR-2

Complete restoration. Currently set-up as Navy Flight Demonstration ride, program can easily be changed with new software available from Doron.

Features a new 65 LED Flatscreen TV. Upgrades from projection TV to direct feed flat screen. 85 Watt 2-channel stereo amplifier, 2 full range speakers, 1-100 Watt subwoofer. Motion dynamics: 14-deg roll, 12-deg pitch, 28-deg per second roll rate, 23-deg per second pitch rate, 10" vertical translation. Ride duration: 2.5 to 6 min.

New seats, A/C, seat belts and refinished flooring. New 20K Koler generator with 320 total hours. Trailer has been serviced, newer axles, springs, hangars, good tires.

Safety features: emergency stop button, 2 emergency exit latches, safety grab bars, intercom, hydraulic fluid cooling system.

$55,000 USD