New interactive amusement rides, coasters, water rides, and flumes.




Stormforce 20

Winner of IAAPA 2018 Brass Ring Award:

Best New Product Concept Award: Major Ride Attraction

First Place: Stormforce 20, Ride Engineers Switzerland

Stormforce 20 - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Stormforce 20 (patent pending) - Multi Dimensional Thrill Ride

Stormforce 20 is a new Thrill Ride with a multi-dimensional and varied ride experience. The Stormforce 20 consists of two motorized byroscopes attached to a reversed pendulum. For more information and specifications, click here.


Air Loop Coaster

Air Loop Roller Coaster - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Air Loop Coaster - Interactive

Coaster trains can be self-powered, chain lift, friction wheels or launched. Each passenger has its own seat where they can make roll overs and rotate seats left or right - just like flying their own plane! Custom configurations available.


Flume Rides

Flume Rides - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Flume Rides - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec - Flume Rides Family Flume Rides - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Family Flume Rides


Roller Ball Coaster

roller ball coaster schwaben park

Roller Ball Family Coaster

Gondolas seating up to 4 passengers are lifted up to begin a gravity run - slowing as they enter each curve then accelerating in a free-fall fashion while swinging from side to side.


Boat Ride

Family Boat Rides - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Family Boat Rides

Families relax while touring your park or lake. Boats are well-balanced and can be delivered with different drive units - self-powered, pulled by cable or driven by waterflow. Custom layouts available.


Canyon Rapids

Canyon Rapids Family Ride - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Canyon Rapids

Boats seat up to 8 passengers each. Special effects can include wave machines, water streets, geysers, water pistols from outside - thrills for the entire family!