New interactive amusement rides, coasters, water rides, and flumes.




Stormforce 20

Winner of IAAPA 2018 Brass Ring Award:

Best New Product Concept Award: Major Ride Attraction

First Place: Stormforce 20, Ride Engineers Switzerland

Stormforce 20 - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Stormforce 20 (patent pending) - Multi Dimensional Thrill Ride

Stormforce 20 is a new Thrill Ride with a multi-dimensional and varied ride experience. The Stormforce 20 consists of two motorized byroscopes attached to a reversed pendulum.

For more information and specifications, click here.


Air Loop Coaster

Air Loop Roller Coaster - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Air Loop Coaster - Interactive

Coaster trains can be self-powered, chain lift, friction wheels or launched. Each passenger has its own seat where they can make roll overs and rotate seats left or right - just like flying their own plane! Custom configurations available.


Flume Rides

Flume Rides - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Flume Rides - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec - Flume Rides Family Flume Rides - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Family Flume Rides


Roller Ball Coaster

IAAPA European Star Award 2019 Winner

Best New Coasters

'Wilde Hilde', Schwaben Park


roller ball coaster schwaben park

Roller Ball Family Coaster

Gondolas seating up to 4 passengers are lifted up to begin a gravity run - slowing as they enter each curve then

accelerating in a free-fall fashion while swinging from side to side.


Boat Ride

Family Boat Rides - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Family Boat Rides

Families relax while touring your park or lake. Boats are well-balanced and can be delivered with different drive units -

self-powered, pulled by cable or driven by waterflow. Custom layouts available.


Canyon Rapids

Canyon Rapids Family Ride - Ride Engineers Switzerland - WillTec

Canyon Rapids

Boats seat up to 8 passengers each. Special effects can include wave machines, water streets, geysers, water pistols

from outside - thrills for the entire family!