We have customers looking for the following rides.

If you have these or other rides and equipment for sale, please contact us!

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  • October, 2020: Obviously, the pandemic has affected many purchasing decisions. However, we have customers looking for rides and equipment. If you have any rides for sale please email us with what you have available! Thank you!

  • Indoor/Outdoor FEC/kiddieland/amusement park
  • Giant Slide, trailer mount
  • Loop O Plane
  • Rock O Plane
  • Concession Trailer - Fryer
  • Hamptons - car, motorcycle themed. Of particular interest if 1950's - 1970's vehicle theme.
  • Scrambler, trailer mount
  • Tilt, Electric 7, trailer mount
  • Family Coasters
  • Kids Rides, park and trailer models
  • Family rides, park and trailer models
  • Eli 5 Wheel, trailer model, rim drive
  • Paratrooper
  • RDC Bumper Cars, 8-10 cars
  • Wheels, 20 mt. - 34 mt., portable
  • Adult/Teen rides, easy set-up
  • Wave Swinger
  • Spectacular and Major rides, trailer models
  • Pharoah's Fury, trailer model
  • Zamperla Rockin' Tug