We have customers looking for the following rides.

If you have these or other rides and equipment for sale, please contact us!

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  • We have customers looking for rides and equipment. If you have any rides for sale please email us with what you have available! Thank you!

  • Mulligan Wheel
  • 3-Abreast Carousel, good condition, to be used outdoors
  • Scrambler, trailer mount
  • ARM Tower, trailer mount
  • Balloon Tower
  • 2 - CP Huntington Coaches
  • Bumper Cars for indoor operation, 12-24 cars
  • Indoor/Outdoor FEC/kiddieland/amusement park
  • Hamptons - car, motorcycle themed. Of particular interest if 1950's - 1970's vehicle theme.
  • Tilt, Electric 7, trailer mount
  • Family Coasters
  • Kids Rides, park and trailer models
  • Family rides, park and trailer models
  • Eli 5 Wheel, trailer model, rim drive
  • Wheels, 20 mt. - 34 mt., portable
  • Adult/Teen rides, easy set-up
  • Wave Swinger
  • Spectacular and Major rides, trailer models
  • Pharoah's Fury, trailer model