Preston & Barbieri


Preston & Barbieri, founded in 1954, is an Italian based company working in the amusement ride industry. Throughout the years they have grown from manufacturing the original bumper cars and bumper car buildings to children's, family, and teen rides including Carousels, Splash Battle, Flying Swinger, Monorail, Towers, Roller Coasters, and many others. Their commitment to safety and quality, staffing, and a ride catalog now exceeding 50 rides positions them as one of the largest manufacturers in the world specializing in amusement ride equipment for amusement parks, theme parks, leisure facilities, tourist destinations, and other entertainment venues.



12 Mt. Carousel

2022 Install, Vietnam

 Preston Barbieri Carousel


 Magic Carousel 12 mt


12.6 mt (41'3") diameter
16 mt (52.49') diameter safety envelope9.5 mt (31.16') operational height (safety envelope)
9.5 mt (31.16') operational height (safety envelope)
Capacity: Maximum 32+ 1 ADA compliant unit seating maximum of 49 + 1 ADA passengers
Approx. 980 pph
Rider Restrictions: Minimum height 90 cm (2.9') accompanied. Over 120 cm (3.9') to ride alone


Farm Themed 10.5 mt Carousel

Preston & Barbieri Farm Themed Carousel

Preston & Barbieri Farm Themed Carousel


  • Goat


  • Horse


  • Dog


  • Squirrel


  • Sheep


  • Baby Leopard

    Baby Leopard

  • Leopard


  • Pig


  • Horse


  • Marine Horse

    Marine Horse

  • Sea Turtle

    Sea Turtle

  • Cow


  • Rooster


 Flying Swinger, 64 seats

  Flying Swinger


Flying Swinger


Ice and Snow Flying Swinger

2022 Install, Vietnam

Preston Barbieri Flying Swinger



64 seats (also available with 56 seats)
Dimensions: 11.9 mt diameter, 11.58 height (static on self standing base)
Dimensions: Approximately 19 mt diameter, 13.5 mt height (in operation)
Approximately 1,152 pph




D-Coaster  D-Coaster


Dimensions: 41.2 mt x 29.7 mt x 10 mt operational height at rail
Minimum Platform Dimensions: 42 mt x 30 mt
Track Length: Approx. 250 mt
Capacity: 20 (1 train, 5 cars seat 4 each)
Approximately 600 pph
Rider Restrictions: Below 90 cm (36") (2YO) not admitted. From 90 cm (36") (2YO) to 135 cm (53.5") (9YO) accompanied. Maximum rider height 2 mt (6'6")



Monorail Monorail Dragon

Fully powered suspended monorail can accommodate up to 6 adults in each themed gondola. Custom theming and track length.


 Music Express

 Music Express  Music Express

Music Express  Music Express

Music Express  Music Express


Dimensions: 17.3 mt x 16.7 mt
Maximum Height Top Roof: 7.3 mt
Supporting System: Self standing base
Capacity: 60 (20 cars seat 3 each)
Approximately 1,200 pph
Rider Restrictions: Below 105 (42") cm not allowed; from 105 cm accompanied; 140 (56") cm can ride alone