Trackless Trains for zoos, shopping malls, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, events

The ONLY trackless train in North America with a 2-year warranty and

an Anti-Collision System





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Now Available - Wheelchair Accessible Caboose

Created to accommodate an adult's wheelchair. When not occupied by a wheelchair occupant, the folding seat will allow passengers to sit!


Environmentally Friendly • Quiet • Able To Handle Tight Turns    



"Great attraction! Visitors enjoy the ride, reliable and good source of revenue."

Jim Hubing, Director

Henry Vilas Zoo


"The train is working well and we're happy with our ridership, over 6,500 riders since we opened it on May 28 (2011)."

Bill Gersonde, Director

Abilene Zoo (written July, 2011)


"The Wattman Mini Express has been one of the best additions we have made to Royal Oak Farm Orchard.  It's one of the best decisions and investments we have made.  Our Entertainment area income doubled over the previous year after we added the Mini Express!  It was such a pleasure to work with the Wattman Company and we are amazed at the quality of workmanship and the low maintenance.  Best of all, the families and children visiting the orchard love the "Royal Oak Express" and want to ride over and over again!" 

Dennis Norton

Royal Oak Farm Orchard


“Our new Wattman Mini Express train is doing great. We are exceeding all budgetary projections.”

Michael Shearin

Exhibit and Facilities Director

Kidspace Children's Museum

Here's what other customers say about Wattman trains!

The Mini Express

New Models Now Include:

Sound in Motion

Wheels in Motion

Anti-Collision System

2-Year Warranty


Pollution-free and quiet
Can climb small slopes
Capable of handling tight turns

The Maxi Express
Locomotive plus 3 Wagons
Wagons seat 5 adults or 8 children
New Wheelchair Accessible Caboose



Wattman Mini Express at Lee Richardson Zoo:

Wattman Mini Express at Dallas Zoo:




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